About Me

My Bio

I have loved all things sporty and athletic since I was a kid. From the age of 10 I began training most days a week in swimming, martial arts and gymnastics, and from 12-14 competing on a national level in swimming and karate. Having carved out a career in the performing arts, and touring the world for the best part of 10 years, I learnt of the essence of maintaining a strong, grounding routine of physical and nutritional wellbeing. Equally, I learnt of the consequences of not doing so - a lesson which created the most powerful impact and lead to the decision to never turn my back on fitness again!


Honest… train and live your life honestly – this starts by not lying to yourself – had a setback? tap yourself on the back, thank yourself for acknowledging and move onwards and upwards.

Empowering… take pride and joy in everything you try out and execute, find a course of action and people who inspire you, make them partners in your journey, adventures, life and embrace.

Respectful – everyone wants to be treated with respect – this works both ways. One of the oldest rules in the book “do unto others that you would have done unto you”. Above all RESPECT YOURSELF – build your body and mind into a framework of respect and authenticity.

Optimistic – optimism is most valuably applied when life’s gauntlets are aimed straight at your temple lobe… always hope and KNOW that it can work out for you. When days are worse than the night terrors you had the previous evening – go through your activities, your workouts, go through the motions as though they matter, and keep doing this until, one day, they will.

Empathetic – try to learn and know what it is like to walk through your days coming from all kinds of angles and like all kinds of people… then you’ll, surprisingly, discover many more solutions helping you to live a more fulfilled life.

Strong – very few things are more strengthening than knowing, no matter what your history, background, trials, and traumas, that you are building your body into a fortress that will give you the physique and mind to tackle and overcome hardships, until like Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis you can stare down the track at what’s to come believing that, at the end of your endeavours, triumph awaits you.

My Vision & Mission

"A stronger connection to your body"


Tips and tricks to boost you towards your fitness goals.                                               “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


Indirectly, exercise improves mood and sleep, reducing stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas frequently cause or contribute to cognitive impairment.


Being mindful during exercise can relieve stress and make you feel good, making your workouts better.